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The Pet Kennel

“Rasos Perlai” kennel is since 2006 years, and in 2009 years it was registered in FCI.

Kennel owners are Rasa and Evelina, but dogs, shows, breeding and etc. is a hobby and a way of life for all our family. Our kennel initiator is our “Mamuka” – Rasa, thanks to her for everything. Because of her, now in our family and heart lives these little furbabies. And now we can not imagine that our life without dogs and shows… 

Bernese mountain dogs_puppy

Our History

Dogs are our family members, thats why its extremely important for us to make sure of their well-being, and that our puppies would find the best home. Our dogs lives with us, and we spend a lot of time together. We took care of our dogs trainings and socialization. We are constantly improving the working methods and knowledge to get a better results


In our kennel we allways looking for maximum results. We want to keep not only the beauty of breed, but also the breed standard, specific character and most of all the good health. In breeding for us are very important dogs health, excellent temperament and character.







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